1 Sep – Hanmer Rally

A message from the club. As our tight community is now aware, on the final stage of yesterday’s rally. A freak accident occurred tragically ending in the death of our club photographer Kevin Corin. Our rally community is deeply saddened. Thoughts and deepest condolences are with Kevin’s family, friends and for all those affected and involved in this tragedy.

SUPPORT AVAILABLE If there are any spectators or officials that were involved with the Tragic Accident at Hanmer Rally on Saturday that needs some support or help dealing with what has happened and what they saw please make contact Victim Support 0800842846. We have a case worker there that is dealing with the incident. If you would rather speak to someone from Autosport Club about this we can also offer help so please make contact with one of the events major officials. Please take time to check in with friends and family; quite often it is later when things start to sink in and the enormity of what has happened takes effect. Support and help is also available via your GP/Dr. Thank you.