19 Aug – Auchenflower Rd Gravel Sprint

One of our most popular gravel sprints Auchenflower Rd Gravel Sprint give drivers 8.7km of fast flowing, public road with twisty section in the middle to test their skills. There are three bridges, some fast straights and several high speed blind brows to provide a real challenge for drivers and cars. One of our longer sprints, Auchenflower Rd is a favourite for many of our local drivers who have driven it many times over the years. Situated just south of Sheffield, Canterbury it’s a wicked road with one of the fastest sections in our sprint series.

Congratulations to Brad Harris (EVO 6.5) for winning first overall & class 4 4WD and class winners Jonothan Taylor (Corolla) Class 1 0-1300cc, David Birkett (Levin) Class 2 1301-1600cc, Job Quantock (RX7) Class 3 1601+cc.