25 Oct – Lone Star Rally of Canterbury

2019 Canterbury Rally winners Ben Hunt and Tony Rawstorn in their Subaru Impreza WRX. Photo thanks to Allan Pritchard from River Retreat Photography https://www.facebook.com/River.Retreat.Photography/

Canterbury Rally will begin on Saturday 24th October with a ceremonial start and competition will begin on Sunday 25th October. The rally will be run in Ashley Forests and North Canterbury public roads. The Service Parks
will be in the Amberley area, at Cheviot and Waikari.

The rally comprises of approximately 124 kms of special stages and 240kms of touring. Special Stages are on very good forestry and public gravel roads.

First Car Starts: From Joe’s Garage, Alfred Street, Rangiora at approximately 8.30am on Sunday 25th October 2020.

First Car Finishes: At approx 6.00pm on Sunday 25th October 2020 at the final control, The Lone Star, 26 Manchester Street, Christchurch.

Vehicles will be divided into the following classes:

  • Class A 2WD 0 – 1300cc
  • Class B 2WD 1301 – 1600cc
  • Class C 2WD 1601cc and over
  • Class D 4WD
  • Class E Pre – 1996 Classic 4WD
  • Class F 0 – 1700cc Classics
  • Class G 1701 cc and over Classics
  • Class H Subaru H6

Itinerary, spectator map and more info coming soon…