Pipers Valley Road Gravel Sprint

Mike Tall in his Mitsubishi Mirage Mon won the 2024 Pipers Valley Rd Gravel Sprint.

Our second gravel sprint for 2024 was 4km of awesome road on Banks Peninsula on 16th March 2024, 

It’s a tight, twisty and steep challenge with steep drop offs, narrow sections and banks or culverts nearby to punish those who venture off the racing line.

28 Entries tackled the hill and was won by Mike Tall in his Mirage in Rally Trim with Josh Marston coming second with David Quantock rounding out the podium

A Big hole on inside of a corner caught most people out, some going up on two wheels. Nathan Burrowes found out how the scenery looks near the top of the road as he just slid off thankfully not going far down the bank.

One of the Judd boys learned that the cross car does need fuel in the tank to run…a few cars had mechanical troubles that they battled with all day. The master Deane Buist reckons the Toyota GT86 of Willy Hawes has good potential but still no match for the mighty mk2 Ford Escort just yet….