6 June – Lone Star Canterbury Rally

Teams will be racing on 134 kms of special stages on forestry and public gravel roads. The rally will begin with a ceremonial start on Saturday 5th June. First car starts from Joe’s Garage, Alfred St, Rangiora at approximately 8:30am on Sunday 6th June. First car finished approximately 6pm on Sunday 6th June at Lone Star, Manchester St, Christchurch.

Spectator points including the Ceremonial start, Sunday Start, Service Parks, Spectator Points and Finish

The rally consists of seven special stages, the first and last ones being in the Ashley Forest. All other stages are on public roads in North Canterbury that have been closed for the event.

Stage 2 starts on Happy Valley Rd close to Motunau Beach and runs north on Happy Valley, Stonyhurst and Blythe roads to finish at Nape Nape Rd. The stage has brows, sweeping curves and some tight technical stuff. With the dry weather that we have been experiencing these roads are hard and fast and the stage is said to be one of the best public road rally stage available in NZ and at 28.4km is the second longest in the rally. There is a spectator point on the corner of Blythe and Stonyhurst Rd’s

Stage 3, at 4.2km is the shortest in the rally. It uses Sinclair Rd just north of Cheviot and while it’s short, is full of interest and will keep the drivers on their toes.

Stage 4 sweeps down the Leamington Valley and at 29.8km is the rally’s longest. Like stage 2, it packs in all the conditions to make it a fantastic stage. Once again, the roads are dry, hard and fast and record times for this classic stage are more than likely. Stage encompasses Leamington, Eggleston and Kaiwara roads. Spectator point on the corner of Leamington and Downs Rd’s

Stage 5 starts on Greys Rd Waikari and utilizes Greys, Heathstock, MacDonald Downs and Ram Paddock roads to finish in the Broomfield area. Stage 5 is 22.5km long and is sure to test the competitors with its varying conditions, Spectator point on the corner of Broxton and MacDonald Downs Rd’s

Stage 6 is the classic Onepunga Stage. It has featured in many Canterbury Rallies over the years and although it’s only a little over 6km long it’s a firm favorite among rally crews

And that takes us back into the Ashley Forest for the final stage

Want to get close to the cars and crews? Plenty of opportunities.

  • Ceremonial Start at Lone Start Restaurant, 5pm Sat 5th June
  • Rally Start at Joes Garage, Alfred St Rangiora, 0830am Sun 6th June
  • Service 1 at “Countdown” car park Amberley from approx. 9.15am until approx. 10:30 am
  • Service 2, Rolleston St Cheviot from approx. 11:15am through to approx. 13:30
  • Service 3, Princess St Waikari from approx. 1:30pm to approx. 2:45pm
  • First car is expected to finish at the Lone Star Restaurant approx. 5:00pm

Come out, grab some food and get a close-up look at the service crews preparing the cars for the next special stage

Hard copies of the spectator guide will be available from all our sponsors and Cheviot Tearooms soon

Entries are open now and close 5pm Friday 21st May 2021. The maximum number of starters will be 70 teams. Email your entry to Leanne Jolly [email protected].

Lone Star Canterbury Rally is the 3rd round of the Mainland Rally Series Championship.

We are excited to announce sponsorship of Special Stage 1 at Canterbury Rally by Stadium Cars

This sponsorship includes:
$250.00 to the winner of SS1 in Class A
$250.00 to the winner of SS1 in Class B.

Winners of Special Stage 1 in 2020 and the times to beat are
Class A – Harri Judd
Class B – Jonty Brenssell

Normal entries have closed and we had 56 entries for the rally, we still have some space so if your thinking of entering get those entries in!
Seeded entry list will be out next week, but some stats to keep you amused

We have

6 x A Class
11 x Class B
6 x Class C
11 x Class D
9 x Class G
6 x H6 Subaru’s
plus a few others

There are 8 North Islander’s,
13 Subaru’s and 12 Escorts,
4 female drivers,
2 drivers 18 and under
and 15 drivers 61 +

More information coming soon including spectator map and schedule.

2020 Canterbury Rally winners Robbie and Amy Stokes with their Ford Fiesta AP4.

Google Map to Locations of Spectator points of interest