28 Jul – Malvern Hills Rd Gravel Sprint

This is the inaugural running of the Malvern Hills Rd Gravel Sprint. Used many years ago for Canterbury rally, it has never been used as a gravel sprint so it was an even playing field for all, a rare opportunity. It was a race in both directions 3.3km each direction. 

The sprint consisted of two stages on the same road, one stage will run up the road, with the other the return run back down. The course is approximately 6.6 km of gravel road, with a hard base in total (3.3km each way).

Congratulations to Josh Marston (Barina AP4) who took out 1st overall, class winners 0-1300cc class 1 Tim Smith (Starlet), 1301-1600cc Dean Johnston (Starlet), 1601cc+ Deane Buist (Golf GTI).