23 Feb 2014 – Grass Autocross $1

Our first Autocross for 2014, it was at our usual paddock in Sefton. Congratulations to Josh Mitchell for finishing 1st Overall. He was a man on a mission, knocking down cones and taking penalties as he charged through the paddock but still managed to be the fastest on the day. He left the usual Autocross aces Grant Goile and Hamish Anderson in the dust. See below for results. Our Autocrosses are usually only $20 to enter, drivers only need Civil drivers license + 100% cotton overalls + MotorsportNZ approved helmet. Cars MUST have WOF & Rego or MotorsportNZ logbook.

Sefton Autocross, 23 Feb 2014

For a copy of the results click here.


Here’s Matt McGlinchey churning mud on all fours at the Oct 2011 Sefton Autocross.