Grass Autocross 2013

Our last event for the year. More grass-churning, mud-slinging action. It was at our usual paddock in Sefton. Congratulations to Matt Penrose for finishing 1st Overall.

Sefton Autocross, 15 Dec 2013

For a copy of the Results in PDF click here 

Remember entries are only $20, sign up on the day, documentation is from 9am-10. Cars MUST have a WOF & Rego or Motorsport NZ logbook. Drivers only need a standard NZ Civil Drivers License to enter. For more info see the Regs below.

Hamish Anderson Sefton Autocross 2011

Here’s Hamish Anderson showing us how to win an Autocross in a Corolla courtesy vehicle with rally tyres and automatic transmission.

Proves you don’t need a race/rally car to win! So bring along your daily-driver, shopping-cart or street-hack and go for a hoon. You’ll have lots of fun and you might even win.

Click here for Regs in PDF.