Minutes of AGM 26 February 2013

Minutes of the Autosport Club (INC) 37th Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 26th February 2013, 7.30pm

No 4 Bar and Restaurant, Mansfield Ave, Merivale, Christchurch

Meeting opened: 

Present: Graham Wilson, Wayne Barnard, Andrea Summerfield, Les Summerfield, Hamish Anderson, Leanne Jolly, Chris Herdman, Jeff Judd, Leigh Marsden, Richard Towse, Ross Teesdale, Wendy Gow, Paul Cox, Matt Summerfield, Richard Baddock, Kevin Knowles, Emma Lamont, Merv Hatcher, Barry Deuart, Sarah Brennan, Tony Witheridge, John Weir

 Apologies:  Carl Balani, Karl Celeste, Matt McGlinchey, Dave Neill, Nicole Summerfield,

 Moved by: Wayne Barnard

 Seconded by: Andrea Summerfield

 1. Notification of Items for General Business

Ross Teesdale:  Are there any issues with getting roads, permits for sprints?  We only seem to have 3-4 sprints per year and the car sits in the garage for a while?  Can we not organise more?  Some of the roads like Mt Alexander have not been used in a while so why is this? Pipers Valley Road was not a great road – there are better roads to use – why not?

Answer:  We organise 5 sprints a year.  More sprint used to be organised and there wasn’t the patronage to the events for the money being spent so we would loose money.  Now that less are organised we break even each time and people are returning to compete again.  We do not organise events on the same weekends as other clubs as we are just fighting for people to attend which helps no clubs.  On the calendar there is generally 1 event per month and there are plenty around that people can attend.

   Mt Alexander is not used each year because of some issues after events so the road owners only want us to use roads every few years.  This is the case with some roads but we also try to use a variety of roads in different places to try and suit a variety of drivers.  As Piper Valley Road was part of the NZ Hill Climb series we had restrictions on us to use a road near the RATEC road etc so Piper Valley Road was used as it was the best under the conditions we were given from above.  After asking around most at the meeting really liked Piper Valley Road as after a few runs is was decided to be technically different from many roads around here and could provide for a different type of road – especially in comparison to the Tucker Beach Rd gravel sprint used in Queenstown!!

 Kevin Knowles: Are people happy with the length of sprints/ value for money?

Answer:  The length of sprints is sometimes determined by what is available and it is good to have a variety of roads.  The longer a sprint the more competitors will have to pay because of the road needing grading and marshalling etc. 

   Ashley Forest is one of the shorter events, well participated and more expensive but people enjoy the road so keep coming back.  Others do enjoy the longer roads but not always available.  Variety is the spice of life!!

 Moved by: Leigh Marsden

 Seconded by: John Weir


2. President’s Report

Attached and read by Graham Wilson

Moved by: Graham Wilson

Seconded by: Ross Teesdale


3. Minutes of Previous Annual General Meeting

Read and discussion made about the $5 levy charged to Autosport members so if the have a crash and have to claim from Motorsport NZ they only have to pay the $500 excess and the Autosport Club will pay the rest of the $3000 excess to Motorsport NZ ($2500 paid by club)

Moved by: Graham Wilson

Seconded by: Leigh Marsden


4. Consideration and adoption of the Balance Sheet for the year ending 2012 and the statement of Accounts

Read out by Andrea Summerfield.  If you require a copy please email secretary, Leanne ([email protected])

Moved by: Richard Towse

Seconded by: Leigh Marsden


5. Election of Office Bearers for 2013 – President, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President

President                Graham Wilson

Moved by: Leigh Marsden

Seconded by: Wayne Barnard


Secretary                Leanne Jolly

Moved by: Wayne Barnard

Seconded by: John Weir


Treasurer                Andrea Summerfield

Moved by: Graham Wilson

Seconded by: Ross Teesdale


Vice President        Hamish Anderson

Moved by: Graham Wilson

Seconded by: Merv Hatcher


6. Election of Committee members for 2013

Wayne Barnard (Club Captain)

Tony Witheridge

Chris Herdman

John Weir

Barry Deuart

Josh Mitchell

 Moved by: Merv Hatcher

Seconded by: Richard Towse

 The following people were voted on:

Karl Celeste

Ross Teesdale

Peter Yerby

Dave Carr

 After a show of hands it was chosen that Ross Teesdale and Karl Celeste were voted onto the committee.

Moved by: Graham Wilson

Seconded by: Wayne Barnard

 With extra people we could form an events committee?


7. General Business

Graham – Sub committee for the Hanmer rally.  There won’t be too much work, especially if the roads don’t change as the route books etc are completed already.  Ross Teesdale, Jeff Judd, Graham Wilson and Paul Bradshaw will be happy to help with both rallies.

Kevin Knowles will be able to help with the Hanmer Rally.

Leigh Would prefer to help with rallies.

The Canterbury Rally will require lots of helpers – emails will be sent after first meeting so PLEASE respond to help where you can.

Canterbury will be a National Championship event this year so will be similar to last events but a few changes to roads.  The forest is organised

Andrea and Barney only want to run the Hanmer rally on the day as Canterbury will be a big effort so a committee is wanted to organise the event beforehand.

Ross Teesdale: discussed about Trevor Crowe won the 2WD Hill Climb series in NZ.  Well Done Trevor!!

Trevor commented in his speech that he loved the event and was one of the best events so he’ll be back again next time.

 Richard Towse makes the stakes so an order of 50 before Hanmer Rally and 50 before the Canterbury Rally was made – please.

Need to replace 2/3 of stock for hand held radios so will be $3000- $4000 will be spent on this.  Barry Deuart to help with this and also the start beam.

 Flowers are being sent to Lynne for a brilliant job as Secretary!  Thanks so much Lynne – get well soon!!

 Moved by: Graham Wilson

Seconded by: Matt Summerfield, Hamish Anderson 

Meeting Closed: 9.03pm