11 July – Sprint – Makerikeri Rd

Sunday dawned very very cold with a -4degree frost.  So a big thank you to the organisers who braved the chilly conditions to set up the sprint.

A smaller field than usual didn’t diminish the competitiveness and we had a great day racing.

Matt Summerfield won the first two runs comfortably.    A puncture nearer the end of the final run and missing first gear, sawMatt end up second for the day and Josh Marston taking the win by just under 6 seconds, Brad Harris was another 5.5 seconds behind in 3rd.

The Escorts of Brent Rawstorn, Brent Tiney, Dave Pettigrew and Sean Sands were again music to our ears coming through the forest, and certainly makes marshalling enjoyable.

Taylor Jansen drove very well to finish first in his class, so brother Matt should keep a close eye on his seat in the Subaru!

Race Results

PlaceDriverCarClassClass PlaceRun 1Run 2Run 3Points
1#0 – 0000
1Josh Marston#2 – EVO 8 2000414.23.694.
2Matt Summerfield#22 – Impreza 2000424.
3Brad Harris#1 – EVO 2000434.
4Michael Tall#5 – EVO 4 2000444.52.864.
5Brent Tiney#10 – Escort 2000314.36.324.33.464.47.5829
6Brent Rawstorn#6 – Escort BDA 2000324.48.844.
7Sean Sands#4 – Escort 0214.49.994.
8Dave Pettigrew#3 – Escort 1600215.03.724.
9Ross Teesdale#11 – Corolla AE86 2000335.05.924.
10Fred Merkin#21 – Corolla 2150344.
11Peter Yerby#15 – Datsun 1500235.11.474.57.574.53.6721
12Murray Lancaster#16 – Mazda 323 2000355.03.514.54.394.54.120
13Taylor Jansen#13 – Datson 1200115.
14Rex Ford#9 – Datsun 180B 1900365.
15Hamish Anderson#7 – Suzuki 1300125.35.375.21.525.11.3115
16Nick Anderson#14 – Suzuki 1300135.36.635.26.475.13.4513
17Bruce McMillan#20 – RX3 2060375.
18Robert Doig#17 – Corolla 1300145.23.5dnfdns11
19Chris Cunningham#18 – Lada 1500245.
20Chris Herdman#12 – Starlet 1300155.27.51dnsdns9
21Philip Anderson#19 – Suzuki 1300165.45.975.27.9dnf8
22Scott Cunningham#18 – Lada 1500255.40.315.36.795.31.637