Club Newsletter – Jan 2009

Happy New Year To You All

Now we have all the overindulgence over let’s think about the coming year Autosport wise.  By Xmas I was thinking “is Autosport never going to end?”  Now after only four weeks can’t wait to get into it again.

We had the End of Year Prizegiving which was very disappointing – in fact if the Marston and Summerfield families weren’t there you could count the attendance on your hands and toes.  It seems a shame when so much time and effort goes into organising these events.

2008 Prizegiving Results

Palmside NZ Sprint Series –  Special thanks to Dean and the team at Palmside – sponsoring the trophies

Class 1 – 0-1300cc
1st Barry Deuart 188 points
2nd= Graham Wilson 148
2nd= Alistair Manson 148

Class 2 – 1301-1600cc
1st Scott Reid 145
2nd Stephen Petersen 130
3rd Dean Pester 108

Class 3 – 1601+ – 2wd
1st John Weir 156
2nd Nick Marston 97
3rd Rex Ford 94

Class 4 – 4wd
1st Les Summerfield 134
2nd Josh Marston 122
3rd Brad Harris 105

1st Les Summerfield 130
2nd Josh Marston 108
3rd Brad Harris 105

Autocross Series – Overall
1st Matt Summerfield 90
2nd Chris Herdman 44
3rd Robert Doig 40

Club Championship Classes

Class 1 – 0-1300cc
1st Barry Deuart 188
2nd Graham Wilson 149
3rd Alistair Manson 148

Class 2 – 1301-1600cc
1st Stephen Petersen 145
2nd Dean Pester 138
3rd Scott Reid 130

Class 3 – 1600 plus 2wd
1st John Weir 183
2nd Nick Marston 145
3rd Rex Ford 94

Class 4 – 4wd
1st Matt Summerfield 190
2nd Les Summerfield
3rd Josh Marston

Other Trophies

Palmside Ladies Trophy
Not allocated no ladies raced this year

Broken Diff Award
John Silcock – Rallysprint off at finish

Raycroft Auto Spares
Corey Shaw

Graham Brown Trophy
Matt Summerfield

International Rally Trophy (Silver Fern)
Andrew Grundy

Autosport Club Rally Trophy
John Silcock

Canary Furniture Trophy
John Weir

Cyclone Cycles Trophy
Matt Summerfield

Magnum Motors Trophy
Dean Buist

Overall Club Championship

1st – Matt Summerfield
2nd – Les Summerfield
3rd – Josh Marston


It is time to renew your membership again.  Same rates as last year.  PLEASE PRINT YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESSES CLEARLY SO I CAN READ THEM.  Here is a schedule for 2009 (not confirmed).

17/2/09 Annual General Meeting
15/3/09 Rakaia Sprint
29/3/09 Hamner Rally
12/4/09 Coalgate Sprint
3/5/09 Autocross
31/5/09 Canterbury Rally
14/6/09 Sprint
12/7/09 Autocross
30/8/09 Sprint
6/9/09 Autocross
1/11/09 Sprint
22/11/09 Autocross

The Annual General Meeting is on 17 February 2009, 7.30 Carlton Hotel – Cellar. Your attendance would be appreciated. With so few on the Committee the same ones are doing all the work.  “Many hands make light work”.

Get your heads under your bonnets and polish up the mean machines.  If I don’t see you at the Annual General Meeting, see you at Rakaia rearing to go.

Lynne McKenzie