8 May – Sefton Autocross

Another crappy day sliding around in the mud. Somebody said the word “Barbeque” and of course if buckets down. Very cold (not too windy though thank goodness) and very wet, and 17 drivers took turns at seeing how much mud and cowpats they could spread over the bottom (and top for that matter) of their cars. Pete Abernethy made good use of those tractor tyres like Andrew Sim’s got (they verge on illegal,.. or they should do!.. that’s what happens when simple things give people advantages isn’t it?) and won the event overall, in a fine display of car control in the slippery conditions.

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Thanks to Josh Marston and David Fletcher for organising, Les Summerfield for scrutineering, Michelle Reid and Huri Timothy for documentation, and Huri also for helping Josh with the timing. A big thanks to Michael Price and Judith Harrington for letting us turn their paddock into a sloppy brown mess.