5 May – Rakaia Zigzag Sprint

A cloudy Sunday saw 50 cars line up for the Rakaia Zig Zag sprint. The event went well for most concerned, although Sean Sands’ Escort suffered mechanical trouble and Kevin Hobson’s Corolla encountered a large rock and broke a tie-rod end but both were back to contest the following runs. Hard luck award of the day goes to Jonathan Bradshaw whose clutch fork broke near the end of run 1 and with no spare available he was off home early. In the small car class Grant Goile threw down the gauntlet even though he’s still running in his newly rebuilt engine. Blair Logan went some way for making up for the disappointment of Westland with a class win here. Crusty had a tight of contest with the thundering RX7 V8 driven by Les Summerfield, with the Escort eventually coming through.  Nigel Beck continues his run of good performances taking out the trophy for this year’s Zig Zag Sprint.

The results were as follows:

Overall (+4WD):
Nigel Beck (Mits EVO2) 1m34.24s – 1,
Darren Galbraith (Mits Lancer) 1m35.28s – 2,
John Silcock (Mits EVO6.5) 1m35.34s – 3,

2WD 1601cc+:
Glenn Buist (Ford Escort) 1m42.04s – 1,
Les Summerfield (Mazda RX7 V8) 1m42.15s – 2,
Carl Balani (Mazda RX7) 1m44.13s – 3,

2wd 1301-1600cc:
Blair Logan (Toyota Corolla) 1m43.63s – 1,
Andrew Sim (Toyota Corolla) 1m45.66s – 2,
Gary Hawkes (Ford Escort BDA) 1m46.26s – 3,

2WD 0-1300cc:
Grant Goile (Toyota Corolla) 1m50.77s – 1,
Bruce France (Toyota Starlet) 1m53.80s – 2,
Don Mathias (Toyota Starlet) 1m54.07s – 3.